History of the Brand:

Starting out at Mesa Precision Arms, the Pure Precision team has been building rifles and high-quality components since 2017. In 2023, Pure Precision was established to better represent the growth and direction of what has now become a family of brands. The Pure Precision team will always remember our roots as Mesa Precision Rifles and the ethos that grew this brand into the successful enterprise it is today.

Who are we?

Pure Precision is a vertically integrated family of brands that serve as a trusted source of parts, carbon fiber stocks, and full rifle builds.  Pulling from years of experience and well-established relationships, we’re able to consistently deliver a variety of high volume precision rifle parts and custom rifle builds. The Pure Precision family of brand stand in partnership with our large OEM relationships as well as every single individual customers. We’re the rising tide that raises all boats, the big, the small, and everything in between.