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Our Carbon Ascent is designed for the serious back country long range hunter that needs to shave weight but not accuracy. For maximum weight savings, select our Summit Ti action, Altitude carbon fiber stock, and a premium carbon fiber barrel. This creates a rifle that weighs 6.5 lbs and still maintains sub-minute of angle accuracy.


The Ascent rifle is built for the hunter who prefers a steel barrel but still enjoys the feel of a lightweight traditional hunting rifle. Utilizing the tried-and-true Summit action, the Ascent will make light work of the hike into position and the animal you seek.


The Summit muzzleloader action utilizes the Remington 700 footprint and features a slotted bolt face created to use Hankins Precision and Arrowhead priming modules. The slot is timed for easy loading through the port and the bolt stop is moved forward to further facilitate easy loading.


The Comp rifle is a fully custom precision rifle that is designed for maximum reliability and precision needed in serious competition. Wither you are competing in a PRS, NRL or other timed positional events, the competition rifle is designed to your specifications to ensure success.

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