Exotic pricing:

Gemsbok- $8,000

Axis- $4,750

Aoudad- $6,150

Addax- $6,250

Red Sheep- $7,150

Scimitar Horned Oryx- $4,850

BlackBuck- $3,950

Zebra- $7,500

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6-10 April, 10-13 April


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Aoudad Train/Hunt!

Aoudad and Exotics

In partnership with High West Outfitters – Practical Shooting Instruction w/ Aoudad Ewe hunting and or Exotics(additional fee).

Ranch is located a few hours east of Waco, TX. See a list of available Exotic animals at bottom of this page.

This is a combination package of hunting and instruction on precision shooting.

In the mornings we will cover the fundamentals of rifle shooting.  trigger manipulation, cheek weld, grip etc.

Range finding and ballistics will be covered with an emphasis on what works with gear you already have as well as other options.

We will also touch on other topics such as gear loadout/use and communication among members of the hunting party. This will be a great opportunity for hunters to train together.

Your can use your current rifle or one of our demo rifles.

The goal being to maximize you familiarization with your shooting system – rifle, optics, ammunition and other gear. You will be able to shoot/practice on steel out to 1000+yds.

The afternoon and evening hours will be spent hunting with the guides from HWO.

Arrivals are the first day listed, at 2PM, and departures are last day listed, at 1200.

Meals and accommodations are provided. Rooms are motel style beds w/ double occupancy.


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Aoudad Train/Hunt!

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